Welcome to Houston Magnani and Associates, one of California’s oldest and most respected government relations and advocacy firms. Formed in 1980, our headquarters is conveniently located two blocks from the State Capitol in Sacramento, California.

Our longstanding mission is to provide our clients with premier and effective services with professionalism and respect to the institution and those that serve our great state. During our twenty-eight year history, we have fostered important relationships with those inside the State Legislature, the Governor’s Office and key regulatory agencies and departments to the benefit of our clients.

Our diverse client portfolio spans a broad range of interests, covering an array of issue areas in both the private and public sector arenas. It is our belief that this unique mix of clientele helps us to avoid the trappings of partisanship and affords the firm the ability to exercise a high level of “balanced professionalism” in pursuit of client objectives.

Houston Magnani and Associates has a proven track record and has been the recipient of considerable praise from clients, lawmakers and legislative staffers alike. Our communication skills and work ethic are integral to our continued success. We stand ready to assist with your government relations and advocacy needs.